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We are the Changemaker

It has extensive influence in LIVE, short video, e-commerce and other fields. We have rich brand experience in Australia. Since 2016, we have created the Internet e-commerce brand VICKY YAO (https://vickyyaohomedecor.com), which has become a well-known faux floral&bonsai fragrance brand in the West. Successfully entered Western mainstream markets such as Myer and Chadstone. The founder VICKY YAO was also interviewed by Belle Magazine. Our team with Chinese and Western cultural background can drive the huge potential Australian market. The founders operate more than 3,000 creators in various countries. At the same time, we have multiple creator resources and business channels in Australia. We are creator management experts. In the future, more outstanding creators and brands will enter the LIVE market with a more professional vision.
Our team is composed of experienced professionals, and the founding team has more than 15+ industry experiences in the Internet field. Through our strategic partnership with FromZero, we have effectively contracted over 1,000 creators from countries such as Germany and the Middle East. After a long period of market research and analysis, it was decided to establish IFIRE MEDIA in Australia in 2023.


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